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Microzu Innovation – A Premier H-Commerce Hub for Smart Home Technology

With the concept of smart home automation becoming an unbeatable trend, consumers are increasingly embracing innovative products and smart solutions for enhanced comfort, safety, and convenience.  Having an understanding of consumer dissatisfactions with electronic technology products and services from some of the market players, Microzu has entered the scene to make things better for the modern tech consumer.

Microzu Innovation

What is Microzu?

Microzu is an online technology retailer with brick & mortar stores that offer award-winning electronic technology products and services. The fast-growing e-commerce store offers technology consumer products and services in the following categories: artificial intelligence, cloud computing, H-commerce, blockchain, open ledger, and virtual warehouse. At Microzu, you’ll find top-notch software, apps, tech consumer products, virtual showrooms, smart living gear, tech services, and many more. For consumers who’ve outgrown household e-commerce sites like Amazon, Microzu is the best alternative for sourcing high-quality smart home electronics and services.

Microzu is founded on the idea of combining online, offline, and mobile commerce to constitute a unique line of business known as H-commerce. As an all-round technology-focused online retailer, Microzu defines the future of e-commerce.  Microzu sufficiently caters to the different needs of individuals and businesses. The online retailer has proved to be a reliable hub for people looking for smart living solutions, secure enterprise cloud solutions, and wholesale deals.

Microzu stand stands out from the pool of e-commerce sites as the online retailer that is continuously investing in technology research and innovation to provide consumers with the latest tech products and services.

Microzu Innovation


Microzu has gained a competitive advantage over leading e-commerce sites by developing the Ybox. The comprehensive home cloud platform comes with 7 unique features. Ybox is a versatile technology product that serves as a private cloud server, router, firewall hub, storage, Tvbox, Wi-Fi booster,  desktop, or tablet.  It also comes with preloaded security application to enhance safety of smart home gear.  Ybox is designed to allow for easy access from any place with the use of a desktop or mobile devices.

Why should you shop on Microzu?

The number of  business owners and shoppers using Microzu is ever increasing for various reasons

  • Shopping on Microzu is easy, quick, and convenient.
  • There is a large selection of electronic technology products to choose from.
  • Easy to use- Whether you’re a buyer or seller, Microzu lets you create a free account in a matter of minutes and get started. This is one of the reasons Microzu is growing rapidly in recent years.
  • 99% stock availability- Individuals and businesses can find products that match their needs.
  • Exceptional customer service and competitive pricing
  • Always updated on the latest market trends
  • Offers an excellent shopping experience that saves you the hassles of crowded malls and having to look for parking.

Microzu Innovation

Microzu is a unique company that is committed to technological innovations to help people live better lives. Due to their high-quality products, large selection, and competitive pricing, Microzu has established itself as a trusted company for individuals to shop for smart living solutions and tech consumer products.

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