Lighting Pole or Easypole

What is Hinged Lighting Pole or Easypole?

Easypoles or hinged lighting poles are the poles that are used for hard-to-reach areas, where there’s no access for heavy-duty vehicles with a lift. A composite pole comes with a hinge mechanism to facilitate the replacement and repair of the light source, assembly and disassembly of the luminaire, and other operating jobs. Usually, easypole column is available in two versions: Standard and Premium. The premium version comes with the best and topnotch features, while the standard version lacks the quality provided in the premium version.

Lighting Pole or Easypole

Key Highlights of Easypole or Hinged Lighting Pole

Light Construction – That’s one of the key advantages of hinged lighting poles. You can easily take them anywhere you want. Assembling them is easier, as you don’t need heavy vehicles with a lift. 

Non-Electric Conduction – This makes things a lot easier, especially when repairing or replacing the light source. Technicians can rest assured that nothing wrong will happen.

High Mechanical Resistance – Easypoles offer high mechanical strength, meaning you will see improved viscosity, elasticity, brittleness, hardness, and rigidity under vigorous situations. 

Wondering where you can get high-quality easypoles or lighting poles with a hinge mechanism on the internet? Well, the following information is going to be helpful to you. Pay special attention to it:

Research yourself

Although a simple Google search is enough to provide you with the best suppliers, a little extra work of comparing different suppliers and retailers may make it easier for you to spot the best suppliers in the crowd.

Ask Around

Your colleagues or friends may also help. So the more you ask the better. You can also take it to the next level by using online platforms such as Quora to ask people from all over the world for their suggestions.

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