E-commerce Consulting - Main Advantages and Challenges
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E-commerce Consulting – Main Advantages and Challenges

Ecommerce consulting and BTW Consulting services are still little used by online businesses. Many entrepreneurs choose to do everything themselves, using a trial and error strategy. But is this the best way?

E-commerce Consulting - Main Advantages and Challenges

More than 30% of virtual stores close before completing 2 years. This high mortality rate is already an indication that the strategy to improve eBay listings is not a good alternative.

In addition, the operation of e-commerce requires much diversified knowledge, such as: technology, marketing, sales, finance and logistics. In general, the professionals who take care of managing the virtual store are not experts in all these areas.

Some seek to take courses and learn (at least the basics) about every part of an e-commerce operation. This certainly works, but it takes a long time. Perhaps the virtual store doesn’t have the strength to survive until the entrepreneur is fully prepared. So, consider eBay listing service today.

So how to solve this complex scenario?

The online consulting in e-commerce is one of the recommended solutions. Through it, the entrepreneur and other professionals who take care of managing the virtual store can find a consistent, safe and tested way to build business success.

Main advantages of e-commerce consulting

As we’ve already said, consulting can bring great benefits. Now see the main ones:


A very significant portion of e-commerce entrepreneurs only prioritize the construction of the virtual store. It concentrates all investment and resources on this initial stage. However, after the store is ready, they discover that this alone is not enough. Transforming an e-commerce into a sales success requires much more (very much!).


Online consulting focuses on transferring knowledge and empowering your team. This way, you understand the e-commerce processes and, in the future, can make autonomous decisions. So, this bond will last for a certain time, which generates savings.