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Facebook Post Ideas for Higher Organic Reach

Organic reach refers to the number of users who see your content without sponsored advertisements. It includes the audience who are shown both, the page as well as the posts. Due to the recent change in Facebook rules and policies, it has become quite difficult and time-taking get organic reach for your page. That is why many Facebook page owners invest and Buy Real Facebook Likes to immediately get a great number of followers. However, if you have just established a page or are low on budget, here are some post ideas to get higher reach organically.


A Variety of Content

Being a Facebook marketer, you must have had idea about the type of content that your audience likes to see. If the things you post do not resonate with your fans then they are not going to engage with it and as a result, you will struggle in growing your reach. Basically, the key is to post the right type of content for the right audience and at the right time. Facebook Live Video is a great feature to entertain the audience. You can use it at least a week to give your audience a peek behind the scenes. The factor behind success is to mix up a variety of content and not keep posting the same type of content every day.

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Visual Marketing

Having been using Facebook for several years, you must have had an idea of the power of posting photos and videos. According to Buzzsumo, posts that feature images are 2.3 times more likely to get engagement as compared to those without images. You can use visual marketing to convey your brand’s story and message across. Here are some ways in which you can use visual marketing to boost your page:

  • Pull tips from your blog posts and display them on images.
  • Create branded quote images.
  • Use visual marketing as eye candy to stand out in the news feed.
  • Use powerful photographs to develop thought leadership in your niche.

Interact with the Audience

Nobody likes to visit a Facebook page, leave a comment and receive no response. In fact, the visitors on your page want to connect with you and know that you are approachable. When someone spares some time to interact with your page, make sure you acknowledge it and respond to them. Once the audience feels likes you are listening to them, they are more likely to visit you page.