Benefits of Shared Inbox for Teams

Shared inbox is like a multiplayer for the company’s email. A few years ago, no one was focusing on ways they can improve their conversation with customers through emails. The idea was also to have better communication inside a company or a team. There is a lot of great use for emails, but the individuality is the biggest disadvantage it has. Many people can use one, but it isn’t suitable for such a thing.

Now we have a lot of ways to communicate in a group and organize our job. It just depends on what you are looking for in a platform that has shared inbox (Read here: A lot of people don’t like to experience new things they have to adapt to, and this is the reason why emails are still in business, and because there is a lot of information connected to it. But, you have to constantly grow in order be better than your opponents.


Rising Your Standards

In the beginning, when you have a small team and a small database about your customers or clients, you could easily use Gmail to communicate and solve issues. But, you have to ask yourself in advance when this kind of conversation within the team and outside the company becomes too small to work efficiently.

For example, when you improve your sales and there is more to handle, you have to hire more people or improve the way you manage things. The first costs a lot, so many people teams look what they can do for the second option. They should look for the simplicity of Gmail, for example, and something smaller than platforms big enterprises use that have priority levels, categorization, and more. Most of them look at shared inbox as a solution.

Teamwork Design

Teamwork is actually very messy at one point. Only a small percentage of members will have the same idea, and when the ideas collide, it is hard to manage them. When your team is responsible for customer service people that work there will focus on their experience from clients. This is bad because everyone has his own experience which results in different ideas and answers.

You have to organize them, so everyone can see what is going on with a certain user and what can be improved. This is a great benefit of a shared inbox because everyone can access it and maybe learn from others. The design has to be for teamwork if you have to satisfy many customers. Everyone should get the same type of service. Read more here.

Fewer Steps to Make

When you run a company or a team in one, you should look for ways to make things simple and finish the job faster without losing efficiency. With a traditional email, there are a lot of steps to make if you want to share your files or messages with others. A lot of people use short terms to address what is the issue and you need to explain to the person you will forward the message about what happened. When it comes to customers, they will have to wait longer until they get a proper response.


When your team uses a platform with a shared inbox, communication with customers can be more efficient and also within the team. Everyone will have access, so there is no need to explain a problem twice. But still, you need to organize your team well, so they can manage things better and so there won’t be any overlaps.

Keeping the Team on the Same Page

Miscommunication can be a really bad thing if the job your team does is very important. You can potentially lose a lot of money after a single mistake in communication. When the team is 24/7 together, the chances someone will make a mistake talking to others are minimal. For example, if you have ten members in a team, a couple of them will notice if something is said wrong or done wrong.

The importance of keeping your team on the same page is crucial for large companies, and they invest too much time and money on organizing. You don’t have to work on larger projects to have the same benefits as others do, so even if you are on college, you can manage your team better for a certain project.

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Processing Things Faster

Many team leaders doubt that it is easier to manage things if everyone has access to the same inbox. Employees may get confused which problem they should address and which should they leave for someone else. This problem should be fixed before even using the platform. You and the employee need to know where they are best at. So, when they start using it, the process of customer service or similar jobs will be much faster.

Even when everyone knows what to do, it can happen that they don’t have all the answers, so there should be an automatic message when someone doesn’t have an answer to a problem. Then, they should know who should address that issue which has to be coordinated in advance. We live in a fast time, where the quality of your service is determined by how fast you react.


Risks You Should Avoid

Lack of ownership comes in place when people in the team figure out that someone else can take their job. This is very important if you don’t want any arguing in your team. If that happens, someone will work a lot less and someone will work more than others. Everything depends on the team and how organized they are. That’s why there needs to be a team leader that will set some rules everyone has to follow. Click here to read more.

Duplicated messages are another risk you should take care about, but that is manageable by the things you do before you use shared inbox. There should be some training done before making changes in how a team works, so invest some time to improve.