Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

When you want to search about a topic, Google comes to your mind first. And if you want to know how to do things, Youtube is everybody’s foremost preference. No wonder YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and, we all know who the first is.

Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Just like Google, Youtube is also considered as the significant platform for the brand’s marketing strategy. Because, why not?! Over a billion users visit this website every month! Six billion hours of content are watched every month and thus contributing 17% of the internet’s traffic.

All of this data validates and strengthens to improve marketing strategy on YouTube. But the question lies… how?!

Here are some tips and tricks that will do the needful,

Technicalities of the content

More than what is in the video, people are interested in how the video is made. The camera quality and editing skills matter more. Humans are visual beings. We love to envision things and remember the way better than any other means. So, video behaves as just the right tool for marketing.

The more aesthetically pleasing the content is, the more invested people become. One misconception everyone is under is that quality comes with a cost. It is true but not always. You can create quality content without having to shell money for a Hitech camera and equipment. Smartphones are now more powerful and user friendly than DSLR cameras. It is great news, especially for the smaller companies and startups, as it is cost-effective.

YouTube targets

Three things that the content creator is looking for is,

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Expansion

How much traffic is the video creating? What is the engagement rate? and, how far has this content reached the audience? Answering these 3 simple questions is enough to win half the battle.

Just like any other social media platform, YouTube requires timely updates and consistency. Comprehend the brand’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and apply the strengths in the content accordingly. However, ensure that the target is not out of reach. It should be set high enough to be difficult but not impossible.

Email Marketing

Yes! Email marketing for the YouTube channel works out really well. People discovering your brand’s channel on this platform and checking out is comparatively less likely than the response received from email marketing. For every dollar spent on this, the return on investment is 4400%!

But how to access email addresses, you ask? Simple. Email finder tools are always helpful in finding and validating contacts for marketing purposes. Various B2B platforms cater to your email needs. One of the most efficient websites is It is AI-powered and has an extensive database of all the professional’s email addresses. You can get an email verified in just a matter of seconds.

YouTube SEO

Several factors determine whether your video comes on the top of the search list or not. A few are completely dependent on the algorithms while. you can control another few.

  • Mention all the details of the channel. It will give an idea to the search giant about what exactly the brand is about.
  • Video description is the identity of each visual content. It needs to be unique while being in trend as well.
  • Adding transcripts are boon. Not everyone can listen to the audio while equally watching.
  • The video title, thumbnail and watch time matter. The time limit keeps changing every now and then but 10 minutes is usually ideal. Avoid clickbait as it will only give short term success which will be a massive bummer in the long run.

Apart from these, you also need to understand that communication is a two-way street here, just like any other social media platform. So be open to the comments and read them regularly. Initiate a conversation in the comments section. It will keep the viewers intrigued for more.