Most Common Mistakes When Smoking Hookah

Most Common Mistakes When Smoking Hookah

If you are starting to smoke hookah or have been smoking for some time but cannot have the perfect session, you may be making one or more of the mistakes listed below. Check out our list of common smoking hookah errors before ordering your Online Hookah Montreal.

Wrong aluminum drilling

For each type of bowl, choose the right way to pierce aluminum. The most common bowl is the phunnel type and the traditional one. Check out the Hookah accessories Montreal.

Most Common Mistakes When Smoking Hookah

In the case of phunnel, never pierce it in the middle let alone leave tears in the foil. In addition to making it very difficult to pull, you can also make the tobacco taste charcoal, giving that famous “throat catch”.

Ideally, make small holes forming rings on the outside of the paper, near the edges, slightly approaching the center of the bowl. In the case of traditional bowl, the key is to drill a few snail-shaped holes, so it cooks tobacco in a balanced way and also keeps coal from falling into it.

Put a lot of water in the base

You should not put too much water or too little water in the vase of your MOB Hookah Montreal. Putting too much water on your session will not last as one thing is not connected to another. Worse, too much water can cause it to climb down the downwind in the act of blowing to remove the pressured air, causing leaks that will disrupt the entire session.

Do not let charcoal ignite

You’ve heard that haste is the enemy of perfection, hasn’t it? You really need to wait for the charcoal to light up completely before putting in the bowl. If you don’t wait, besides cooking the tobacco unevenly, you can still have the unfortunate sensation of tasting it in the pull.

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