Tips to Use Calendars In Online Marketing

Tips to Use Calendars In Online Marketing

Inbound marketing has long been the new way of marketing when everyone started optimizing their online marketing budgets and available marketing opportunities.

Tips to Use Calendars In Online Marketing

Integrate inbound marketing with content

We understand that in inbound marketing, outbound marketing is still in the mix. For inbound marketing to work best, it has to be combined with some very creative and consistent content marketing.

Social media sites provide the required platforms to spread the content marketing materials. An example is Facebook groups. You can always sell through Facebook when you apply content marketing strategies.

Creating, hosting, managing and growing a Facebook group that belong to a specific niche is nothing new. The key is to engage with your group members and get your members to participate.

The more frequently your group members participate in conversations, the easier you can build traction with the content and grow your group. All the great conversations must be consistently supported by high quality niche content.

Most importantly, the content creation work must be able to catch up with each “sharing” time slot for marketing.

Not only the timing of your content sharing needs to be appropriate, but your content must also be up to the required quality. To enhance your content quality and marketing results, you should reinforce your Facebook group content marketing with content writers who actually understand your niche, and have experienced working in your niche.

Create your marketing calendars

In social media, it’s not only about getting people into your groups. The quick path is to actually start advertising.

Online advertising is different in nature comparing to simply sharing content in social media account, because when you share it incurs no actual marketing cost – There is cost to everything especially the social media specialist who posts content every day. But there is no actual advertising cost. When there is a cost to advertise on social media with ads, you will manage the process as time sensitive and spending sensitive campaign.

You’ll need calendars for social media marketing and even paid search marketing. The calendars are very much the auto reminders for each and every marketing activities and campaigns that you’re going to launch.

You shouldn’t have only one single calendar. Below are the different marketing calendars you’ll need.

Campaign calendar: This calendar lists all the regular and ongoing marketing campaigns, and when they would happen in the next calendar year or the next 365 days.

Content calendar: This calendar is the content planner. It lists when all the content materials are needed, and who and when the content materials must be created.

Promotion calendar: This is the calendar for scheduling all the promotions that are to happen in the next calendar year or the next 365 days.