Top 5 Small Hookah of the Present Time - What Better Small Hookah

Top 5 Small Hookah of the Present Time – What Better Small Hookah

Nowadays, in the world of Hookah, we have several options of brands, models, sizes, colors and etc. but what has to be highlighted in recent times are small Hookah Ottawa. Among the various models available in the market we will make a detailed top 5 models.

Triton Zip: We started with the most famous small Hookah Hoses Ottawa. It is one of the earliest models of small hookahs that has appeared in the national market and that gains prominence until today. Currently it is manufactured in colors: gold, black, blue, pink, red, copper, green, purple and silver. Its size is 22cm high, has a great flow, very functional breath and a very nice aesthetic.

Top 5 Small Hookah of the Present Time - What Better Small Hookah

Zeus Single: The small hookah of Zeus Hookah has a differentiated finish, it is made of aluminum and it is polished. It is available in colors: silver, gold, purple, blue, dark blue, black, matte black, pink, green, white, rose, copper and red.

Amazon Lord: It is 15cm tall plus 10.5cm down stem, is made of aluminum, anodized paint and is available in blue, beige, red, copper, black, silver, pink, gold. The Lord had his respite refurbished compared to previous Amazon models, has great flow and a wonderful cost benefit.

Empire: It is the new hookah of the consecrated Hookah King, this stem came to replace the models Joker and the Tower. This new model of Hookah King arrived with a beautiful look and wonderful colors, its height is 18cm and the down stem is 12cm.

Kini: The hookah of Sultan Hookah is a small model, mixed between wood and aluminum, this one has in the colors black and gold, since there are several Hookah Accessories Ottawa in wood styles. The Kini has an excellent flow, functional breath, and of course, a great finish and aesthetics. It has 26cm of height and the down stem has 10.5cm.

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