PERM Current Processing Times

Navigating the Landscape of PERM Current Processing Times

The realm of Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) is often marked by intricate timelines and procedural nuances, particularly when it comes to PERM processing time. This aspect is crucial for applicants as it greatly influences their future planning and decision-making strategies. Our aim here is to shed light on the PERM processing timeline, with a specific focus on the current processing time and the various elements that impact it.

PERM Current Processing Times

PERM Explained

PERM stands for Program Electronic Review Management, a process that is essential for obtaining labor certification, a key step for certain foreign nationals in securing an employment-based immigrant visa, commonly known as a Green Card. This process ensures that the employment of foreign workers does not negatively affect U.S. workers in terms of job opportunities, wages, and working conditions.

The General Flow of the PERM Processing Timeline

The timeline for processing PERM applications can be quite variable. It depends on a range of factors, including the number of applications and the specifics of each case. The Department of Labor (DOL) regularly updates the PERM processing times, providing a benchmark for applicants to gauge their expected waiting times.

Recent updates indicate fluctuations in the PERM processing times. For example, the Analyst Review phase, which is the preliminary step in the processing, has been averaging around 10 months. However, these timeframes are subject to change, and applicants are encouraged to stay updated with the latest information.

Key Factors That Influence PERM Processing Time

The duration of the PERM processing can be affected by several elements, including:

  1. Application Volume: An increased number of applications can lead to longer processing times.
  2. Audit Reviews: Applications undergoing audits may experience extended processing periods.
  3. Application Accuracy: Errors or incomplete information in the application can cause delays.

Strategies to Mitigate PERM Processing Delays

To navigate potential delays in the PERM processing timeline, applicants should consider:

  1. Staying Informed: Regularly checking the DOL website for current processing times is crucial.
  2. Ensuring Accurate Applications: Submitting accurate and complete documentation can help avoid delays.
  3. Professional Consultation: For complex cases, seeking advice from immigration attorneys or consultants is advisable.


Keeping abreast of the current trends in PERM processing times is essential for both applicants and their prospective employers. While general timeframes are available, they are often subject to changes influenced by various factors. Diligent preparation and staying informed are key to navigating the PERM process effectively. Professional advice, where necessary, can also provide tailored guidance suited to individual circumstances.