DSYNC to Launch its New Magento & Woocommerce Products in Dallas

dsync_system_integrationDSYNC, one of the leading system integration service providers, is going to unveil its all-new Magento and Woocommerce products at Digital Retail Summit in Dallas. The team at DSYNC is committed to providing its clients with a comprehensive integration system to help boost their productivity and efficiency. You can use DSYNC platform to integrate into both Magento v1.0 and Magento v2.0.

DSYNC allows you to move real-time data between a number of different applications. Now, you can connect Magento to Pipedrive, Salesforce, Vend, Shipstation, Shipwire, Mailchimp, Unleashed, Shopify, Woocommerce, XML feeds, EDI, Bigcommerce, POS systems, Fintech products, CSV uploads, Loyalty and more.

Here’s what DSYNC has to say about its new Magento product:

‘’One of the main objectives of our system integration platform is to ensure that Magento merchants, SI’s and agencies can connect Magento to Accounting, Point of Sale, Beacon, ERP, Inventory, CMS and all of the other business software applications available.’’


On the other hand, Woocommerce connector will allow developers to integrate with multiple apps. It enables you to sell both digital and physical goods in all sizes and shapes, and offer Product Variations, Multiple Configurations and Quick Downloads to shoppers. Everything is super easy and there’re no special skills required to comprehend the whole procedure.  

With DSYNC Woocommerce connector, developers can map order data, customer data and product data quite easily and professionally.

DSYNC is cloud integration platform used to connect Woocommerce to Fragmented Systems from inventory, point of sale, loyalty, shopping channels and more. It is adaptable, extendable and open source.

‘’We decided to build a Woocommerce connector due to the high demand of developers looking to integrate with multiple applications and provide a two way data flow between 3rd party applications”  noted Simon Church (COO of DSYNC).

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