Ultimate Simulated Reality Game

The American Dream: The Ultimate Simulated Reality Game

Are you also a die-hard game player? If yes, then did you also wish that you had all the things in real life that you had in the game? The American Dream is all set to make your wishes come true because now you will be able to make real money by the use of the app. This game allows you to play through various missions and through these missions, you will be able to make money, make purchases and you can even run for office.

Ultimate Simulated Reality Game

TAD is a blend of real life and gaming, with this, you can experience the virtual world and also interact with other players. You will have the decision-making power in this game, whether you want to apply for a job, or buy a house, you can make the decisions.

This game has an uncharted and unscripted journey which makes it more interesting and fun. There are real-time actors which have non-playable characters, so, the players will get an opportunity to communicate with those characters as well. The real time actors and their characters include madame president, Dpr, Lord Kingsberry, IAMHIM and there are others as well.

The non-playable characters also have a mini series which tells their journey. In these videos, the various non-playable characters are involved and you can have a better understanding of these characters. The mini series also comes with “reveal” videos. The reveal videos are basically telling if there is a any new addition or upgrade to the game. These videos may also give hints of the future.

TAD consists of solo missions in 14 different cities, in which there are 20 various missions depending upon various strategies. Just like other simulator games, TAD allows you to sell and purchase various items. You can buy property, food, clothing and many other things and these purchases will be translated to real items. With this game, you can even earn money through auction-style sales. Just like the real life, the players will have to work hard to get a good job and they will also have to take care of their health.

There is a variety of jobs available, so, to get the best one available, you will have to take more risks, connect with new characters. When you get tired of the real life, you can use TAD to have an escape from the same old life and have the dream life in this game that you wished for. While playing the game, you can make money and you can also get your hands on an item that you really liked just by a click.

With the limited resources, people are unable to provide for their day to day expenses. Ridesharing allows people to make money, even if it is not a primary source of money, it still allows you to make enough money to support yourself. In real life, the struggles to make money are a lot more so TAD is a perfect opportunity for you to earn, you can earn anywhere even when you are asleep.

Ultimate Simulated Reality Game

Some of the features that are you’ll see in this game are:

  1. It is a huge online world in which the players have control of almost everything.
  2. The game allows action in the 14 missions cities.
  3. You can start wars and even set your own laws.
  4. It gives you an opportunity to test your own skills in 20 different interactive missions.
  5. It allows you to start your own business.
  6. It also allows you to interact with players that are non-playable.
  7. You can even make money while you are asleep.
  8. This game allows you to acquire weapons.
  9. You can buy-real world items, be it clothes or food.
  10. You can even run for office.
  11. TAD allows you to play driven economy game.

TAD is not any ordinary game; it is a simulated world which aims to improve the real world. With this game you are not only getting entertained but you are also making money, it also allows you to start your own business. So, you are interacting with other players, making money and also getting entertained.

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