Java Frameworks

What are Java Frameworks and What are their Benefits?

Programming is always not easy. Interface design and functional factoring against the intellectual key content of web app is far more difficult to create or re-create than code.

Hiring a good programmer to build a good web app takes more time and money. The solution is to use java frameworks to reuse that go beyond coding.

Java Frameworks

What is a java framework?

A java framework has the functionality common to many web applications. Many features of web applications are reasonably common in large.

There are several types of java frameworks our there. Check out the comparison of Vue Vs. Angular Vs. React.

A framework provides a solution to a family of similar problems using a set of classes and interfaces that shows how to break down the problem family. The objects of these classes collaborate to fulfill their responsibilities.

The set of classes are flexible and extensible to allow the construction of multiple applications with little effort, specifying only the particulars of each application. Note that a framework is an almost complete application, but with missing pieces.

When receiving a framework, your job is to provide the pieces that are specific to your application.

Benefits of using java framework to build web app

The benefits of java frameworks to build a web app are clear in terms of: cost reduction and time-to-market reduction.

The reasons are: reuse maximization (analysis, design, code, testing), developers focus on adding value rather than reinventing the wheel and less maintenance.

The factors of these java frameworks are common to multiple applications. So by inheritance usage, they let you fix all applications by swapping a parent class.

But, beware of the “Fragile Base Class Problem” where changing mother class breaks daughters. They offer better code stabilization (fewer defects) due to use in various applications.

Other benefits are: Better application consistency and compatibility and leveraging expert knowledge.