Games – The Single Source for All Your Ridesharing Needs is an all-new, peer-to-peer ridesharing platform designed for both passengers and drivers. It utilizes the latest technology to provide you with an all-inclusive ridesharing experience. The platform benefits everyone involved. Passengers can choose their favorite driver based on their requirements. They can rate or even blacklist drivers in case of any misconduct. So, the platform provides complete safety to its passengers.


On the other hand, drivers can also set their own price and accept different payment modes. However, they need to accept at least one non-cash payment to remain eligible for the platform. Due to its unique concept and innovative technology, the platform is getting popular among both drivers and passengers.

To get registered with, drivers need to provide their original ID proofs and other important documents. The platform does not only require its drivers to provide their personal information, drivers also need to go through a training session to become eligible for the platform. It means when you’re using, you can rest assured that your ride will be safe and smooth.

Here’s what the team at 25Cab says about its services:

‘’With 25Cab your driver isn’t just a name, a stock car photo and a license plate. The photos are real. The people are business owners and their profile provides you with an in depth view of the level of service they will provide, much like a Yelp profile.’’

25Cab takes its users’ privacy very seriously and they regularly update their system to keep potential risks at bay. New drivers joining the platform can drive for eight months for free, however, after that they need to choose from a subscription package to continue working with 25Cab. For more business inquiries and information, visit or email