How to Get More Fans on Facebook?

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become the most popular social media platform among individuals as well as businesses. Brand owners can use the network to share photos, general news and updates with users who follow them. Fans of a Facebook page can know about your company and explore your events. In order to make more people recognize your page, you need to start building your fanbase. While one quick and easy way is to Buy Real Facebook Likes, following are some more effective methods.

Hold a contest


This has proven to be one of the most powerful technique to get more followers for your Facebook page and might even result in greater engagement from the existing fans. When you hold a contest, your fans will interact more with your page and consequently, their friends will know about you through their newsfeed and might like your page. The method is quite simple as all the page owner has to do is take some time out to run the contest and provide an attractive giveaway prize. Ideally, the prize should match the interest of your page as well as your target audience. However, before you run a contest, it is significant to go through the Facebook’s rules and policies about contests.

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Cross Promotion

This consists of sharing the link of your Facebook page on other social media platforms where your brand already has an account. For instance, if you have a YouTube or Twitter account, you can share you Facebook page along with the content you post on those networks. Cross promotion is an excellent way to introduce your Facebook page to a huge number of users who are already following your business on other platforms. This way you will be marketing your page on the Internet in a segmented and authorized way without being considered spam.

Paid Advertisement


Facebook also offers self-service advertisement platform that you can use to increase your fanbase as well as increase conversions, get more leads, boost your posts and a lot of other actions. The procedure is pretty straightforward as you only need to select your goal, audience and set budget and duration. Facebook ads are quite effective because of their very specific targeting options; for instance, you can choose your audience based on location, age, demographics, life events, behaviors and interests. If what you show in your advertisement is interesting, more people are likely to hit the like button. So, make sure you design the ad thoughtfully.