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5 Reasons to Use Facebook Advertisement

As the eMarketer Study reported, 96% of the social media marketers think Facebook is the most effective social media platform for advertising. While many page owners Buy Real Facebook Likes to increase their fanbase, Facebook ads are considered quite useful in getting new followers and turn them into paying customers.

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Excellent Targeting

Facebook’s target audiences can be highly customized, which means you can target users based on their interest, location, engagement in your app, demographics, actions on your website a lot more. With a plethora of options for targeting and retargeting. You can display your ads for a narrowly defined audience who are likely to become a follower and/or customer.


Facebook offers page owners with the opportunity to design and create their ads how they want to. From video ads to instant article ads, there are a number of options for creating interactive and good-looking ad formats. Along with picking the advertisement type and copy, it is also possible to customize other elements of the ad campaign, such as:

  • Bidding
  • Target audience
  • Campaign objective
  • Delivery optimization

With these options, Facebook can be considered as the most customizable advertising network that enables you to display the exact ad that you have in mind.

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Facebook Insights

The social media platform comes with powerful insights tool that enables brand owners to analyze how successfully the advertisement is performing. Through this you can figure out which types of ads are more effective in reaching the targeted audience and creating conversions. The insights that you should track include: audience reach, impressions, engagement, page performance, demographics and much more.


One of the best aspects of Facebook ads is that you can begin without putting in a huge sum of money. In fact, you can have your ad running for as low as $1 per day. This is especially beneficial for small business that are low on budget. They can reach thousands of users that meet the specific targeting criteria by investing a very little amount.

Constantly Updating

The very interesting thing about Facebook advertisements is that they are constantly adding new features every month. So far there have been six monthly updates on average, which means every year, there will be more than seventy new features.