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Targeting Audience for Facebook Ads

If you are looking for a way to increase your Facebook page audience instantly, you can Buy Real Facebook Likes or go for Facebook paid advertisements. Facebook ads are a great way to not only boost followers, but also drive more engagement to the page. However, before you start spending on an ad, it is important to know some tips and tricks of Facebook targeting so that your money is not wasted.

Targeting Options


There are four basic factors to consider when choosing your audience to target with Facebook ads:

·         Location

It allows you to focus on the people residing in a specific geographic area such as a country, state, city or zip code. Using the advanced options, you can also choose users who actually live in a particular area or are just physically located there. This type of targeting can prove to be quite useful if you are offering a coupon to shoppers near a particular retail store.

·         Demographics

This filter gives you the option to choose people bases on specific criteria like profession, education, life events, relationship status along with other social and cultural affiliations.

·         Interests

This data is based on the information gathered by Facebook. For instance, if a user likes a page about pop music, they will not be flagged as interested in rock and roll. You can use the Interests to target people based on the events and apps they use inside of Facebook and their interactions with other pages.

·         Behaviors

It allows you to target users based on their online and offline habits like travel patterns, mobile device usage and digital activities etc. For example, you can use the option to target people who have just returned from travel or are planning to travel.

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Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences is an advanced tool that enables the page owners to connect with their existing contacts on Facebook. You can upload a phone list of your customers or email list of your subscribers in .txt or .csv format to Facebook. Also, it is possible to create a Custom Audience list based on the users who visited your website or specific pages of your site as well as people who took certain actions within your app or game. Once the list is created, you can either target or exclude the chosen users. You can use this feature to target your existing customers who earn a specific amount of money per month, work in a specific job department etc.