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The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

With numerous unique features that allow businesses to deliver bespoke and affordable promotional campaigns, it’s not surprising why Facebook advertising has earned quite a following.

While currently not as popular as Google Adwords, it won’t be long until it will give it a run for its money, thanks to beneficial features that help foster both engagement and brand awareness.

If you are looking into making Facebook advertising an integral part of your marketing campaign, below are just some of the incomparable benefits you stand to gain:


It has incredible targeting options.

Unlike Google Adwords, you have the option to target your Facebook ads based on the interests and demographics of your users as opposed to just basing it solely on their searches.

Because of this, you’ll have access to impressive refinements once you have set up audience targeting.

For instance, with Facebook advertising, you have the option to:

  • Target those in your specific area – if you have a business that is mostly local, you can use Facebook to target individuals in your geographical region of choice, regardless if it’s country, village, or city.
  • Target users according to their expressed interests – Facebook advertising gives you the option to zone in on users based on their interests (i.e. “advertising,” “marketing,” or “business”). You also have the option to specialize your option (i.e. “small business owners).
  • Target specific people and genders – if you happen to run an online dating site, you have the option to set up advertisements that target single females or males. You can also run separate ads for different gender preferences.

It gives you results without breaking the bank.

Even if you will only spend the minimum amount (around $1/day), there is still a huge possibility you will reach thousands of people (given that you keep your targeting criteria specific).

Also, since there are multiple bid opportunities available, you can pick whatever structure you deem is most apt to reach your campaign objectives.

For instance:

  • Cost per action (CPA) – this bid type is ideal if you want users to take action when they see your ad (i.e. liking a page, subscribing, etc.).
  • Optimized CPM – while this means you are bidding per 1,000 impressions, Facebook will still show your ad to individuals who are likely to take action.
  • Cost per mille (CPM) – this means you will be bidding per 1,000 impressions
  • Cost per click (CPC) – this means you will be paying a minimal amount for every click that gets through to your site.

It gives you the option to track ROI and performance.

While social media has become a potent and affordable way to enhance business performance, measuring ROI can be challenging.

Fortunately, with Facebook advertising, you have the option to gauge performance and measure ROI.

The Facebook Adverts Manager section can help you keep tabs of key performance metrics such as:

  • The number of times your ad was shown.
  • The number of clicks or actions users took.
  • The cost per like, cost per click, and cost per conversion (all based on the specific goals you have set).


It promotes customer loyalty.

Nowadays, businesses make use of Facebook fan pages to interact with their customers, promote brand awareness, and foster loyalty.

The Facebook platform has also been designed to encourage audience engagement. For instance, Facebook users no longer visit a site just to gain information alone. They also have the option to provide additional information in the form of testimonials, comments, etc.

Facebook ads also have a “like” button that can significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

In addition, viewers have the option to close down an ad and provide a reason for doing so (i.e. not relevant) so you will have an insight into possible reasons your campaign is not as successful as you intend it to be.