Social Media

How Your Social Media Strategy Affects Your Marketing

The introduction of social media has dramatically changed how brands and consumers interact.

Nowadays, it’s no secret social media can help make or break a business.

That being said, it’s no surprise marketers and business owners alike are constantly in the lookout for effective social media strategies to adapt.

While there’s no end to the list of social media strategies you can employ, the challenge is finding the social media strategy that will best fit your overall marketing goals.

How will your chosen social media strategy affect your overall marketing efforts?

For starters:


Search engine optimization

Your search engine optimization campaign will get a significant boost through social signals.

Keep in mind that the more people follow, recommend, like, and talk about your brand on social media, the higher your chances are of rising up in the search rankings.


Once you’ve established a good connection and relationship with social media users, there is a higher tendency for them to give positive feedback or share your page with their own followers.

In effect, it will create more awareness for your products and services which eventually will translate into more customers/followers.

Word of mouth advertising

Understandably, people are more inclined to believe and trust the recommendations of people they know as opposed to descriptions or reviews found in your site.

Given that you make (and keep) your current customers happy, they will eventually recommend your products or services to their family members and friends.

Apart from its dramatic impact on your social marketing campaign, social media also comes with peerless benefits you can’t afford to miss.

Some of the benefits include:

Getting to know your audience becomes a lot easier with social media.

Tools like Facebook Insights has been designed to give marketers insight into the dominant language spoken among the audience you are targeting.

You can use the insights you will gain when modifying/creating product messaging so you will get a good return on your investment.

You get access to instant feedback when on social media.

Social media provides the ideal venue where customers can instantaneously discuss their complaints or air their grievances pertaining your products or services.

In the same manner, social media makes it possible for brands to resolve and attend to complaints right away so it won’t escalate further.

Also, reviews gathered from social media users can also give insights on elements you need to work on so you can improve the products or services you are offering.


You are able to reach a much larger audience with social media.

With a single click of the mouse, your contents and posts will be able to reach millions of people, current customers and prospects alike.

However, it is important that you make it your priority to create, post, and share contents that are interesting, enticing, and beneficial so people would willingly share them with their own connections.

You are able to gain more brand exposure and awareness.

When on social media, you get access to a vast audience, from stay-at-home-moms down to working professionals, entrepreneurs, and many others.

Unlike conventional advertising methods where you have to shell out a huge amount with minimal results, social media provides huge returns even with a limited advertising budget.

Also, since there are several tools you can use to measure and analyze data related to your marketing campaign, making appropriate and timely changes are way easier.

The ability to measure the impact of your social media efforts cannot be overstated.

Not only will it will help you gauge if you have achieved the objectives you’ve set with the marketing budget you have allocated, it will also help you appreciate the impact social media has in your overall marketing campaign.