5 Tips for First Time Drone Flyers
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5 Tips for First Time Drone Flyers

Buying your first drone is an amazing experience, especially the thrill of unwrapping the packaging, checking out the gadget, and trying to fly it up in the sky. However, here lies a big problem – many newbies never make an effort to learn how to fly the drone properly. And in this post, we are looking at five tips that any first-time drone user must know in order to fly the device correctly.

5 Tips for First Time Drone Flyers

Read the Manual

Read the manufacturer manual in full. Most newbies never touch the manual and go straight to flying the drone.  While this may be okay with other gadgets like a smartphone or PlayStation, having the same behavior with a drone can be disastrous. Your lack of knowledge about each control of the remote of the component of the drone can lead to the drone crashing into the ground in your first try itself, possibly damaging it irreparably. So, if you wish to avoid such an incident, read the manual and understand the functions of the various components of the drone and what each control of the remote is supposed to do.

Indicator Lights

The drone will have numerous indicator lights that switch on and off to signal certain things. Make sure to memorize them so that when you see an indicator light switching on while the drone if flying, you know what to expect. For example, when the battery of the drone is fully charged, an indicator light will be shining steadily. However, if the battery depletes and reaches very low levels, then the lights will start to blink, and you will know that it is time to bring down the drone.

Check Drone Videos

Be sure to check the many drone video footage available online. These will give you a good idea as to how to capture a shot, which movements to make, and so on. As such, when you fly your drone, you will know how to fly it in order to capture beautiful aerial videos.

Tighten Props

Be sure to check the props before flying the drone. If the props are loose, then the drone will fail in mid-air and drop like a rock to the ground. So, as a precaution, it is recommended that you tighten the props carefully to ensure that they never get loose in the middle of the flight.

Familiarize the Remote

When you receive the drone, ensure that you first familiarize yourself with the remote. Know what each button and stick is supposed to do. Memorize it thoroughly. When the function of each control is embedded deep inside your mind, you will be able to use the remote much more skillfully and naturally. In contrast, if you are not very sure of what each control means, then you will waste too much time looking at the remote in order to move the drone in a specific way. Your flying skill will essentially be of low quality. So, spend some time playing with the remote and master its usage.