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The Digital Nomad Way of Life

Becoming a digital nomad has turned into a dream job in the last couple of years since the term, and the lifestyle, started gaining traction with millennials. The young and tech-savvy generations are putting their time and effort into startup businesses, which can also provide a sense of fulfilment and opportunities for personal growth. When we take all of that into consideration, it becomes clear why the digital nomad way of life is the preferred option than the traditional 9 to 5 job.

When you’re travelling around the world, and the only thing you need is your laptop and a functioning Wi-fi connection to do your job, life can be somewhat different than the one most people lead. The whole world is opening up and providing you with many possibilities for unique experiences everywhere. In this article, we are going to focus on the essentials that make up the digital nomad lifestyle.


A recent study was done by the Florida International University which confirmed that people who work from home are better at their jobs. Flexible working has a lot more benefits than any other concept encountered so far. Employees tend to work more and get sick less, and they are generally happier with their jobs. The engagement and success levels are higher in people who get to choose their workspace, instead of the ones that have to work in an office.

The Sheffield University in London conducted an additional research study, which further supported the findings that people who work from home are happier than their peers. Moreover, it’s common knowledge that the success of the business is depended on the happiness of the employees. When the task at hand is complicated and tied to the capabilities of the individual, it’s more than apparent that flexibility is the best option.

Digital nomads understand this perfectly because they are the ones that excel with this working method. Working from home is taken to a whole other level when you’re a digital nomad. You can travel everywhere and work from anywhere.

Coworking at shared spaces is just another great idea that was proven to boost productivity for workers, which tells us that this lifestyle can turn out to be better not only for the nomads, but also for their bosses. Coworking hubs are generally accessible 24/7, and that gives people the freedom to show up and start/stop working whenever they want.

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This is where the digital nomad lifestyle outshines almost every other, and that’s due to the fact that the possibilities for experiences are exponentially higher when you’re travelling around the world. However, this way of life seems to be reachable only for freelancers, remote workers or people who have their tech startups.

For example, if you’re working in digital marketing, cryptocurrency, content writing, blogging, website flipping or any other World Wide Web related field, you are free to become a digital nomad. The best part about travelling is the possibility to immerse yourself in the culture of the country you’re visiting, which is more than possible when you’re a digital nomad.

You also get to meet like-minded individuals in coworking hubs around the world or try out the local food on a daily basis. You are also free to make your schedule, and give yourself time to explore more and experience everything that looks interesting to you.

Of course, as with any lifestyle, there are negative sides to constant moving and travelling. The ups and downs of it all are not suited for everyone, but it is an experience that will change your whole outlook on life.


The correlation between these two concepts, startups and digital nomads, has never been more evident than in today’s world. The startup retreat concept is the latest fruitful mix between these two ideas. That’s when a whole team retreats to a preferred location, where they live and work together for a time while they are collaborating on a specific project. Retreats tend to be very beneficial to the entrepreneurs because they can dive into the work, brain-storm with their colleagues and come up with fresh perspectives.