How to use any SIM card on your Samsung Galaxy S6

I know that in the past there were a lot of talks about how to unlock different brands and models of mobile phone device, but you have always had the feeling like the Samsung Galaxy S6 was discriminated in those fields. However things have changed and now the owners of every locked Samsung Galaxy S6 can finally get the tool that they have been waiting for, for so long.

At your request the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Tool is finally released and now you can download it for free from any corner of the world. Your waiting has been worthwhile because now you are able to get one of the most sophisticated SIM unlock software application tools there ever was.


For all those of you who are new into this let me explain how the SIM lock works and how the SIM unlock works.

When your Samsung Galaxy S6 is SIM locked you can use it normally. The device functions as it should, you can make phone calls, sends text messages, take photos, record videos, upload photos and videos, use the internet etc. however you are not able to use a SIM card form a different carrier. In other words your Samsung Galaxy S6 is “locked” to the services of the network carrier where your Samsung Galaxy S6 was bought from.

If your mobile phone device is SIM unlocked then you get to do all the things stated above, plus some more additional extras. With the Samsung Galaxy S6 unlocked you can use pay-as-you-go SIM cards. This gives you the freedom to change mobile phone packages arranged by the carriers and see what suits you best every month or even every week. This way you can organize your spending on the mobile phone services. Sometimes you need to have more minutes for calls, dome months you are more reliant on the internet or on the text messages. You can change your priorities literary as you go. Comparatively, when your Samsung Galaxy S6 is SIM locked you only get what you have signed for. The mobile package will remain unchanged for the next 24 months and there is nothing you can do about it. Well, at least not until recently.

With the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Tool tool you can feel free again, free with your choice of SIM card, free with your choice or mobile package, free with your choice of network carrier, and free to make a decision how much money are you willing to spend for the mobile phone services for the time being.

These advantages are not to be neglected by any means. You simply have to download the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Tool and turn these advantages into your own reality. You will not be missing out on anything. And plus you can make this happen in only ten minutes of your time. You can even do this while you’re sitting on the train on your way back home.

It easy, straightforward and, not to mention, rewarding in any sense of the word.

If you are determined to put an end to the SIM lock experience now is the right time to do it, because there is no guarantee that the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Tool tool will remain free forever.

If you have already made up your mind and download the tool, this is what you need to do after that initial step:

  • Double click on the downloaded Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Tool file and start the installation procedure.
  • When the installation is done, open the tool and fill in the fields marked with country, carrier, IMEI, email address.
  • Click “generate” and wait for a moment for your SIM unlock code to be generated for you.
  • You will know that the process of code-generating is finished when you check your email address and find an email there with your unlock code in it.
  • Use the code to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • The request for an unlock code will appear only when you enter a SIM card that was not supported by your Samsung Galaxy S6 before. That can be any SIM card from a carrier that is different than your network carrier.

For more tricks and tips on this SIM unlocking procedure you can see the review section and the FAQ of the webpage of the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Tool tool.