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Mobile Phone DIY Repair Tips

Some tips for some of the most common mobile issues you are experiencing that can be solved in our repair phone workshop. These tips can fit any cell phone model. If you can’t solve it you can go to our shop.

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My device does not charge

Are you using the original charger of the device or by USB? If you are using original charger then go to step 2. 

  • Did the notification light or screen light up? USB: The power of USB charging varies depending on the equipment to which the cable is connected. If the power is too low it may be insufficient to start a charge if the battery is completely zero. Try the original charger that you should fix. This may have been due to some application crash at the time the device was under load. Rest assured that this can occur, but with minimal frequency.

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  • Plug the device into the charger. Then hold the ON button for 2 seconds uninterrupted. Did the screen or notification light turn on? Yes: Wait for the device to recharge. It will take at least 30 minutes to reach minimum charge before powering up. This may happen by reason of some app crash when the mobile was under load. It can happen, but with least frequency. If there is not notification light then go to the next step.

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  • Connect it to the charger; hold the power button and volume button down for 3 seconds and then release. Did the menu appear? Yes: use the volume down button to the “normal power up” option and press the volume up button to confirm. The device should turn on. If the main menu does not appear then, it means that unfortunately you will not be able to solve it yourself. Seek technical assistance by visiting our technical support service.