Activities and Games for You to Do on the Beach During the Summer

Glowski Game – The Hottest New Fun Outdoors Sport to hit this Summer!

If you think staying on the beach is boring, your problems are over. After all, the ride is not just about sipping beer or roasting in the sun. If you want to do something different this summer, we have separated some tasty and simple activities to be done to take advantage of this summer season.

Check out some activities and games for your beach ride to get even more fun. And, do not forget the basic rules: take plenty of water and use sunscreen:

  1. Walk or run

Do not you enjoy running? All right, invest in the walk to the end of the beach, after all what really is to feel the sea breeze and enjoy to train the muscles of the leg – laughs. The hint is that walking / running at the edge of the sea – with the water in your ankle – makes you try harder and, consequently, lose more calories.

  1. Glowski game

It needs team of two or three people both sides. The things needs in Glowski game are two or three poles and empty drink bottles for each pole. Poles are placed 10 feet away from other. One member of a team flies a disk to drop bottle on pole. One member of other team near pole must catch the falling bottle.

Activities and Games for You to Do on the Beach During the Summer

  1. Football / Volleyball

Take a ball to the beach, that fun is guaranteed. It’s worth everything: volleyball, football, silly football, sand football, and whatever else your imagination allows. What really matters, is do not stand still and have fun with friends.

  1. Surf lesson

Some beaches offer surfing lessons at an affordable price. Why not learn a new sport while on vacation? In addition to give you greater body control and balance, a surf lesson can burn up to a thousand calories. But remember to do this only with the help of professionals, please.