Important Tips On How To Clean And Store Your Hookah

Important Tips On How To Clean And Store Your Hookah

Who has never smoked or even had a Hookah that regardless of the essence, dose the always the same? Has there created even fungi?

Well, today we will be giving tips on how to treat the conservation and cleanliness of your Hookah ottawa, to increase the durability, in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality.

Important Tips On How To Clean And Store Your Hookah

Before detailing the care by product, let’s highlight the main conservation rules, in general:

  • After use, wash all items thoroughly and dry them;
  • Avoid thermal shock in ceramic, clay and glass pieces;
  • Carry the hookah, preferably in an appropriate pouch, or another type of pouch or container that has protective compartments and foams. If you have no partitions, do not let the parts touch without any guards.


Carry out a complete water wash on the outside, and on the inside using a cleaning brush with water and mild detergent. If the inside is wood, try to wipe it with a damp, almost dry cloth to clean it. After washing, dry it with a cloth.

If you are a person who has a Herbal Molasse ottawa that smokes only one flavor of essence, it is advisable not to do this internal cleaning, as you may lose some of the flavor already preserved in the material.

Vase / Jug:

There are some accessories for its cleaning. In addition to these accessories for cleaning the vase, we may be cleaning the Egyptian Hookah Ottawa with rice. That’s right, just soak the pot inside with water, and put some mild detergent and some rice, and then shake the pot in a way that the rice goes all over the inside. This procedure is very good as it is possible to clean edges of the vase that with other types of accessories we cannot reach.

On the outside should also do the cleaning, but it should be done very shallow.

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