VAPOR-LOK – The Ultimate E-Cigarette Vapor Holder for Cars and Trucks

Are you on the lookout for a universal vape mod holder for your car or truck? Look no further than VAPOR-LOK – World’s Only Universal Vape Mod Holder. The holder is designed with present day requirements in mind to offer optimum comfort and portability. It comprises a completely portable and one-size-fits-all design and you don’t need to glue or unscrew anything when attaching it to your vehicle. Touted as the ‘’first and only universal E-cigarette holder for passengers cars and trucks’’, the vape mod holder is ideal for most types of electronic cigarettes and fits snugly in the window channel.


Whether you want to hold a Tube Mod or a Box Mod, the VAPOR-LOK is designed to hold any style. Not only does it hold your e-cigarette, it also helps keep your mod from damage. You can use it for all your vehicles, be it your car or truck. It’s perfect for holding vape pens, orignianls & minis, tube mods and box mods.

Designed in the USA and made in Czechia, the vape holder is made from high quality materials to provide you with optimal convenience and comfort. Here’s what the team behind VAPOR-LOK says about its product:

‘’Our patented VAPOR-LOK Universal Mod Holder is designed to hold and secure most commercially available e-cigarettes. For years, there has been a need for a place in a vehicle for people to rest their e-cigarette. Mods were getting lost, falling and breaking, leaking juice, among many other issues. While there were some holders for vehicles already offered for sale on the internet, there were none that were really universal, either for vehicles or for the widely varying models of e-cigarettes.’’


Currently, it’s available at affordable price and you can save some money by ORDERING it now.

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