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Best Platform for Social Media Marketing?

Using social media in your business strategy is the best way to market your brand. You can let people know more about your brand, including the products or services you are offering, as well as connect with customers, fans and prospective customers. However, with so many social media websites out there it gets difficult to decide where to begin. Here is a guide elaborating the usage and limitations of some of the very popular social media platforms.

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With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become the most popular platform both personal and business use. Business owners can make use of Facebook pages to share updates, photos and general news with users who like or follow their page. To get more followers, you can Buy Real Facebook Likes. Twitter is also among the popular platforms that presents a concise, fast-paced and easy way to connect with the audience. With more than 310 million users, Twitter is sea of information where you can post content with 140 characters or less and get it read, clicked, followed and retweeted.

Quite different from Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is specifically designed for professionals and businesses. Mostly users use the platform to showcase their professional thoughts and job experience, which makes it one of the most significant platforms to use for marketing your brand. Another unique social media platform is Pinterest, where you post clickable pictures with short captions instead of posting content for your followers to read. It is a very powerful website for brands that offer tangible products like food brands and clothing, eCommerce, restaurants etc.


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Facebook being the top social media platform does not have any apparent limitation. The only problems that users face is difficulty in reaching the audience, which can be overcome using Facebook advertisements. Although Twitter allows targeted ad campaigns, they are not as useful and helpful as Facebook. Moreover, the problem with Twitter is that you cannot post content with more than 140 characters. Moving on, LinkedIn can be very rewarding for some people but not for everyone, as it can only be used to promote businesses and improve careers. Lastly, the problem with Pinterest is that its user population comprises of 68% female, which means it is not a very good option for marketing products/services in which men are not interested. Lastly, the problem with Pinterest is that 68% of its audience comprises of female, so if you are a B2B marketer, then the platform may not be a very good option for you.