3D Mapping: How Google Earth Enhancements Help Trucking Companies and Drivers

3D Mapping: How Google Earth Enhancements Help Trucking Companies and Drivers

Technology in these modern times is changing at such a fast pace that it is sometimes hard to keep up with how every new development is supposed to help enhance each of its respective fields. The same is true in the field of transportation. These days, technology is being rolled out and applied in unexpected and surprising ways. Suffice to say, every update that truckers and drivers receive on recent technological advances, these are all meant to cut short delivery times, reduce costs, as well as improve not just the safety of the drivers, but also of the inventory that they are responsible for.

Of the many updates and advances rolled out in the field, the best by far is 3D mapping. Behind this innovation are companies such as Google Earth and they are revolutionising the ways that routes are being planned now by truckers. As a result, lorry drivers today are now able to get their deliveries done in a safer, more efficient, and more effective manner even with such minimal notice. This has indeed set the stage for better standards when it comes to the quality delivered by the logistics and transportation industry.

3D Mapping: How Google Earth Enhancements Help Trucking Companies and Drivers

Common challenges for truckers

Terrain uncertainty is one of the biggest challenges that lorry drivers have to deal with on a daily basis.

Roads that are filled with damage and potholes or the ones located on uneven surfaces can be an unsteady driving base. It is both unpleasant and dangerous at the same time. It can damage the cargo being varied as well. These risks are significantly reduced by trucking companies through minimising the load ahead of time or getting their goods placed in protective compartments and containers.

Deliveries to remote areas can result in very narrow roads. This means that trucking companies may need to use splinter vans instead to be able to access these roads. However, this can only work if the company has been made aware beforehand of the road condition.

Even driveways where cargo and other delivery goods are unloaded can prove to be a challenge too. This is especially true if they are located in a rather steep terrain. This is also another issue where the drive can bring the proper-sized vehicle along with the right equipment. But this could only work if he is well aware of the conditions ahead of time.

3D map enhancements

The use of 3D maps allows drivers to have the chance to get the terrain reviewed first before they set out to drive and deliver their goods. This means lesser instances of drivers having to run back after they have set out because they are well-prepared ahead of time. Knowing the terrain condition allows them to pick the right vehicle and the right amount of load so the delivery pushes through. Not only does this increase the speed of delivery, but it helps reduce the cost and risks involved too.

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