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Facebook Page Content Ideas

Getting users on Facebook to like your page is not as easy as it may seem. You can either expand your budget and Buy Real Facebook Likes or post excellent quality content to attract audience. Here is a guide on the different types of posts you can make along with the best practices for each type.



According to Facebook, posts with images can generate up to 180% more engagement. You should use eye-catching pictures that can draw your fans’ attention and are relevant to your brand niche. Avoid putting text on photos and instead use short photo captions. A good idea is to post photos of your products, employees, office setup or behind the scenes.



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Text-Only Posts

While text-only posts do not get much engagement, they can be useful for making announcements, asking questions and posting well-known quotes. You can use fill-in-the-blank posts to encourage participation, as these posts generate 90% more engagement. When sharing only text-based content, it is suggested to stay brief using not more than 250 characters. According to Facebook, posts between 100 to 250 characters receive 60% more likes, comments and shares as compared to posts with more than 250 characters.



Considered as the most popular and compelling formats on Facebook, videos are quite useful for product promotion, branding and driving awareness. Use engaging content within the first few seconds of the video so that users are compelled to keep watching. Besides featuring your products and services, you should also try to feature customers and fans. According to the AdAge report, videos that are shorter than four minutes can produce a strong viral effect, so make sure you keep the video content short.



Links are considered as one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. When posting a link, do not include the URL in the caption. You can also include links to custom landing pages, blog posts, Facebook apps and any helpful content relevant to your brand niche.



These are primarily used for events that take place at physical locations; however, you can also create an event for webinar, special product promotion or seasonally related sales. Do not forget to include an image and date when posting an event.



A great way to gather your fans’ opinion about something related to your brand is the use of questions, as it drives engagement among audience. Post a short and concise general question that most of your audience can answer. It should be related to your company or to the products and services you offer.