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SelfieHitch – Trailer Hitch Alignment Device

The Selfie Hitch is an all new product made specifically for people who want to make hitching a trailer a breeze. Most people know how difficult it can be to hitch a trailer – let alone by themselves. With the Selfie Hitch though, it makes hitching a trailer by yourself a lot more easier.

The system works by accurately aligning your vehicle and then stopping it when the ball and coupler are aligned. This is the ONLY system available that does this, it really does make hitching a trailer on your own ten times more easier than a camera would.

When you have no other choice but to hitch a trailer on your own, you have to be guided by a camera or continuously get in and out of your vehicle to check where you’re at. Everyone knows how frustrating this whole process is, so why not make things easier for yourself? Instead of using other alignment guides that don’t work the best and you still have to go back and forth trying to align the trailer hitch, try the Selfie Hitch!

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It’s simple to work the Selfie Hitch. All you need to do is measure the distance between your back tire and the trailer ball with the measurement rods that are included in the package you get. The rods are then set up in a way that the ball end matches up with the trailer coupler, and the wheel end sets the stopping point for the rear wheels.

Even a guiding line is provided with the Selfie Hitch so that you can easily follow along with it through the side-view mirror. The guiding line is a bright yellow strip for backing up, and it will be stopped bu the sturdy rear wheel chock when the ball is under the coupler.

Measuring and testing for the first time only takes about five minutes. All of the instructions come with your package, so it’s ensured that it will be explained to you and you’ll know exactly what to do. After the first use, it gets even easier and more simple to use. It takes a super short amount of time – a minute or less – to get everything all set up and ready to go.

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The Selfie Hitch is the only product available that provides a chock to stop your vehicle as soon as it’s aligned. You won’t have to worry about backing up too far into the trailer, accidentally creating dents and scrapes against your vehicle. It’s the perfect tool, whether you’re hitching alone or just want to make the process easier.

This innovative product was made to help people hitch their trailers much easier, and it definitely has! The project is currently live on Kickstarter, so be sure to check it out here and make a pledge to get your hands on a Selfie Hitch as soon as they’re made available.